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Productivity software has revolutionized how dentists interact and engage with their patients. In the past, dentists relied on elaborate filing systems and mountains of paperwork in order to run a successful dental practice. More recently, however, dentists have begun to utilize software programs that are geared towards keeping dental records more organized. These cloud-based software programs now help dentists plan appointments, communicate with their patients, and keep dental records organized.

In this article, we’ll discuss two of the best productivity software programs for dentists.

Dolphin Management

Dolphin markets itself as “a full-featured orthodontic practice management system that enables you to efficiently manage and organize your practice flow.” Used by practices with high volumes of patient traffic and multiple points of service, Dolphin Management software focuses on simple, streamlined workflow for dentists. 

The management software itself is customizable, catering to practices with unique needs patient and practitioner needs. For practices with multiple offices, the program can diversify and serve all locations with equal efficiency. It does so with Dolphin Cloud Sessions, which save space and money for practices looking to ditch their physical servers. 

Thanks to Dolphin’s IT professionals and the program’s automatic software updates, dentists can receive training for the most important aspects of the software, and leave the highly-technical back-end work to the professionals. It’s the perfect tool for practices hoping to offer consistent, time-sensitive care for their patients.

Curve Dental

Another cloud-based dental productivity software that offers a nice range of features is Curve Dental. One great time-saving aspect of Curve Dental is the software’s scheduling component, which has a drag-and-drop calendar tool that makes appointment planning quick, accurate, and easy.

Each appointment slot can be linked to a patient’s dental history chart, giving a dentist or hygienist immediate access to charts, images, and healthcare notes as they plan appointments with patients.

Curve’s built-in payment system, credit card processor, and insurance management feature make billing patients and processing payments a time-efficient process. Curve Dental understands that the faster a dental practice can process payments, the more productive the practice and its dentists will be.

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