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Paul Vigario

President at

“I am proud to support SURFCT in helping their clients become truly UNSHAKEABLE. I admire Paul for his commitment to adding extraordinary value to dentistry as a whole…”

– Tony Robbins

Paul Vigario is the president and founder of  After earning a bachelor’s degree in Management/Computer Information Systems with a focus on healthcare technology, Paul Vigario gained fifteen years’ experience with digital strategies and tech development. Paul Vigario has spearheaded developments in medical IT systems and technologies and, using his experience in the field, Paul has helped dental companies and practitioners automate and grow their businesses. With his work, he hopes to help his clients digitize, automate and elevate their dental and healthcare practices.

During his senior year of college at the University of Connecticut, Paul Vigario developed, a dental information technology firm. In 2003, Paul graduated from college with his bachelor’s degree and went on to become president of his company. With his expertise in technology and healthcare, Paul has grown his business from a company that once served dozens of northeastern United States clients to a company boasting its service with several thousand clients globally.

With SurfCT, Paul Vigaro ensures dental professionals are able to find technology systems that best suit their practices and personal goals. Paul and his company have developed a system that allows dentists to bring their automated visions to reality. offers IT consulting, which allows practitioners the opportunity to completely automate their office—from the front offices, to clinical treatment systems, and mobile hardware. Once the vision is designed, automated and installation is complete, SurfCT offers ongoing data protection programs and technical support to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. With SurfCT’s attention to detail and innovation, it maintains its prominence as the leading Dental IT company globally.

Paul Vigario has been sought out by dental companies around the world as a dental industry leader in digital technology, integration, ecosystems design, automation and systems delivery. Paul Vigario is recognized for his knowledge and ability to deliver automation by many of the leading dental DSOs that require the ability to scale up and grow rapidly.

His leadership and applied knowledge in the field has earned Paul Vigario a desirable reputation. Numerous dental professionals, groups, schools, and societies have sought Paul out for his expertise. He has been a speaker, advisor, system design expert, and consultant for numerous meetings and has attended colleges and universities such as Uconn School of Dentistry, NYU Dental and Nova Southeastern University as a guest lecturer.

In addition to his work in his field, Paul Vigario also believes in the value of charity and giving back to communities. As a result, he donates his time to youth healthcare programs and other nonprofit organizations. He is also a member of the Board for All-Star Smile Foundation, a foundation that aims to eliminate childhood tooth decay. Paul Vigaro is based in New York, New York, but has also worked in Naugatuk, Connecticut.

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