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The dental industry is continuously adopting new and innovative technologies that are revolutionizing what it means to take a trip to the dentist.  Technology developments such as Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the way dental work is done, from a simple office visit to major reconstructive surgery, and even training within a dental practice for professionals and staff members.  Augmentation reality technology provides virtual information to dental professionals in regards to different procedures. In fact, the purpose of AR in dentistry is to essentially virtualize a 3D image into a real environment, in real time.

The days of casts and wax molds are slowly coming to a close, and due to tech companies such as Kapanu, who have been recognized for implementing this technology, augmented reality gives dental professionals and their patients a virtual view of their results, before any procedures take place. “Of course, such forecasting is already offered to patients, but it usually requires a plaster cast being made of the patient’s teeth, with the dentist then inserting missing teeth with wax and creating a 3D model that the patient can try.  All in all it’s a pretty time consuming process.”

How does it work?    

Similar to other images taken of your mouth and teeth at your dentist visit, AR in dentistry works by taking a 3D image of a patient’s mouth cavity, and matching it to real life scans that show what a desired result may be.  From there, the 3D scan is overlaid with the image of the desired results, thus creating an augmented result showing the patient what their teeth will look like after their procedure is completed. This provides a “virtual mirror” to patients and dentists alike, providing for a much more advanced system, when compared to traditional wax molds and casts.

While we are still in the earlier stages of these developments, many dental practices are following suit in adopting these technologies; not only to improve the way dental professionals perform procedures, but also to improve a patient’s overall experience and expectations. is an innovative dental technology company founded by Paul Vigario.  While augmented reality in dentistry is continuing to grow, companies like are developing and implementing new technologies that will revolutionize general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry, along with endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery and other specialized dental practices.